Personal Stories

Derrick, New Product Development Manager, 8 years

“It is amazing to be a part of this organization which has consistently expanded its horizons. KH Roberts also brought in experienced professionals who have taken ownership of their areas, and who have taken time to mentor the younger ones under them. Their diverse perspectives and mentorship have, and will continue to strengthen this company. I am glad to have broad exposure, which has led me to learn much about the flavours industry and opened my eyes to more areas that I could develop in.”

Ricky, Sales Manager, 7 years

“From the time I joined the company until now, KH Roberts has transformed the working space and the production facilities really impressively. The expansion has allowed us to create an even wider range of innovative products that we can promote and sell to customers. Eventually, this created a pathway for growth to other markets. My whole experience in KH Roberts has allowed me to grow with the help of my professional colleagues who constantly guide and support us, and share their experiences with us. I wish for KH Roberts to continue growing and expanding!”

Lixin, Flavourist, 14 years

“It has been great to see the company grow and expand from a simple facility to a big integrated building with spacious laboratories, advanced equipment, and controlled air systems. But what I am most thankful for are the many years of warmth, friendship and support from colleagues who push each other to improve and continuously grow. I am proud to be celebrating KH Roberts’ 50th anniversary and I wish for another 50 years of success and growth!”

Moon, Supply Chain Manager, 14 years

“KH Roberts has given me many great opportunities in various roles. Over the course of 14 years, I contributed in customer service, regional sampling management, logistics, marketing, management of IT department, senior management support, purchasing and warehousing. These experiences come in very handy in my current job scope in business support. Working at KH Roberts has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and ceased my fear of taking up new challenges. “

Chun Yuan, Production Manager, 14 years

“It was my interest in food and the desire to learn more that spurred my decision to join the company as a Production Supervisor 14 years ago. Back then, we had only 10 people in the production team!  Today, with the new factory, the team has definitely grown by leaps and bounds!  The new technologies and automated system have brought about new challenges, especially in the transition from manual production to automation.  While upgrading myself constantly, I also undertake increased responsibilities of having to train staff to adapt to the new operating environment.  Nevertheless, it is not just work and no play, I always look forward to and have fond memories of our annual dinners and company trips! “

Han, Senior Process Engineer, 2 years

“It is a great honour to be given an opportunity to be primarily responsible for KH Roberts’ recently commissioned automated production system. Even with my 30 years of industrial food processing technology and facility management experience, KH Roberts has inspired me to continuously improve my skills and remain relevant in this era of automated technologies. In August 2017, I received the Skills Future Study Award which has so far helped me to contribute to our automation project.”

Deen, Production Operator, 12 years

“ I was part of the same team as Johnny, moving big heavy containers and helped the older colleagues with these heavy items. With the new automated production systems, the need to manually move these containers is minimized. We also minimised human errors because the automated system identifies and stops the run if we scanned the wrong ingredient for production. 12 years is not long and I will definitely miss the ‘kampong’ lifestyle we used to have, but I am happy to see our family grow even stronger. “

Johnny, Production Operator, 23 years

“It has been a long 23 years work journey with KH Roberts. The latest technologies deployed in the new facility has helped ease my physical workload greatly. In the earlier years, we had to manually move around containers weighing 50 kilos. With automation, such manual work is a thing of the past.  KH Roberts has also grown in manpower. It is heartwarming to see the company grow and the family expand with many new friends, although I will still miss climbing mango trees in our old factory!”

Wai Ching, Senior QC Executive, 5 years

“I think KH Roberts has achieved an amazing feat. For me, its biggest improvement is refining their system which has helped to increase the overall work efficiency. A larger lab has been allocated for QC testing which allows the accommodation and facilitation of tests. The automated system in the production plant also allows better tracking and more accurate real-time information of the flavour production. With the introduction of these new systems, the company has done a great job in imparting knowledge and the upgrading of technical skills of employees through detailed training sessions.”